WWII Aircraft Silhouette Stickers

Die-Cut Vinyl WWII Aircraft Silhouettes

WWII Aircraft Stickers

WWII Aircraft: U.S., Allies, and Axis

United States Aircraft:
P-38 Lightning | P-47 Thunderbolt | P-51 Mustang | F6F Hellcat | F4U Corsair
TBM Avenger | SBD Dauntless | F7F Tigercat | P-39 Airacorbra | CG-4a Waco
F4F Wildcat | P-61 Black Widow | PV-2 Harpoon | T-6 Texan | PT-17 Stearman
C-47 Skytrain | DC-3 Dakota | B-17 Flying Fortress | B-24 Liberator | B-25 Mitchell
B-29 Super Fortress | A-26 Intruder | Navy N3N

British Aircraft:
Hawker Hurricane | Mark IV Spitfire | DH98 Mosquito | Avro Lancaster
Bristol Blenheim | DH82A Tigermoth

German Aircraft:
BF109 Messerchmitt | 190D Focke-Wulf | ME262 Messerschmitt | F1156 Storch
163B Komet

Japanese Aircraft:
A6M2 Zero | A6m3 Zero | D3A2 Val | B5n2 Kate | KI-43 Oscar | G4M1 Betty

WWII Aircraft vinyl stickers default in the color white and are a standard 6" wing size. Don't see a WWII aircraft on our list, e-mail us and we will check our inventory.


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